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Produbanco offers a new service for remotely capturing cheques with CHEQ´DD

Produbanco clients can now deposit their cheques from their computer.

Initial situation

CHEQ´DD enables us to capture greater cash flows of customers, develop financial business associated to the solution and reduce front and back office operational costs.

CHEQ´DD is an end-to-end solution that uses the best practices available on the market, of which we can highlight how easy it is to use by the client, as well as the excellent professional level of ADDALIA and their expertise in dematerialization.”

Sebastián Quevedo, Vice president of Operations of Produbanco

Produbanco, one of the top banks in Ecuador, requested a pioneering solution in Ecuador, for launching an RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) service for remote capturing of cheques.

Solution implemented

CHEQ´DD is a “cloud” solution that enables bank customers to deposit cheques from a computer and store them in a web server. The user accesses the application and after identification for the capture, enters the cheques in the scanner and digitizes the documents. Once scanned, the data and images of the cheques are stored online, and the user can consult the deposits made.

After the deposit, data and images are sent automatically to the financial entities for final processing and subsequent sending to the clearing houses.

CHEQ´DD is a simple, standard and versatile solution, adapted to regulations and the specific legislation of different Latin American countries such as Ecuador. To comply with Ecuadorian legislation, the CHEQ´DD has been integrated into the bank’s corporate systems to complete the cheque deposit process and in keeping with the “look & feel” of Produbanco.

In addition to deposits via cheque scanners for corporate clients or branch offices, CHEQ´DD, also enables the deposit of cheques via smartphones and tablets.

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  • Agility and autonomy for clients in transactions with cheques. Clients choose when, how and where to make their deposits without having to go to an office.
  • Improved quality of the services offered by the bank with new functionalities that increase processing speed for customers.
  • Modernization of the bank’s technology, enabling it to offer new services.
  • Reduction of costs and optimization of resources. Processing costs are reduced, minimizing processing time – posting cheques, settling balances, preparing deposit slips, delivery of deposits, etc. Freeing resources for commercial work in branch offices.
  • Less errors. Eliminating manual processes that take time and are subject to human error.
  • Increased security. Reduction of fraud and improved security of transactions. Information traceability during the entire process.


Product: CHEQ´DD

Customer: Produbanco

Country: Ecuador

Industry: Financial

About Produbanco: Produbanco (PDB) is the head of Grupo Financiero Producción (GFP), with a long history in Ecuadorian banking. It occupies the fourth position within the Group system by size of assets.


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