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Produbanco’s customers can now deposit their checks from their computers

The Challenge

“Cloud Check enables us to capture greater customer cash flow, develop financial business associated with the solution, and reduce front and back office operating costs.

Cloud Check is a state-of-the-art solution that follows the best practices in the market, highlighting the ease of use by the client, as well as the excellent professional level of IPSA and its expertise in dematerialization”

Sebastián Quevedo, Operations Vicepresident of Produbanco

Produbanco, one of the first banking entities in the ecuatorian financial ranking, requested a solution, Addalia requested a pioneering solution in Ecuador, for the launch of a remote check capture service (Remote Deposit Capture).

The Solution

Cloud Check, is a cloud solution that allows the customers of the Bank for deposits their checks from a computer and store them on a web server.

The user accesses the application where, after being identified, he can digitize checks with a scanner. Once scanned, checks data and images are stored online, and the user can review the deposits made.

After the deposit is done, data and images are automatically sent to the financial institutions for final processing and sending to clearing houses.

Cloud Check is a simple, estándar and versatile solution, adapted to the procedures and specific regulations of different Latin American countries as Ecuador. In order to comply with Ecuadorian legislation, Cloud Check integrates with the bank corporate systems to complete the check deposit according to “look & feel” of Produbanco.

In addition to the deposit through check scanners for corporate customers or branches, Cloud Check also allows check deposit through smartphones and tablets.


  • Agility and customer autonomy in check transactions. Customers choose when, how and where to make their deposits without having to go to the branch
  • Improvement in the quality of the bank’s services by offering new functionalities to the clients that increase their agility in the processes.
  • Modernization of the Bank technology that makes it possible to offer new services.
  • Cost reduction and resource optimization. Processing costs are reduced by minimizing processing time – such as posting checks, settling balances, preparing deposit slip, delivering deposits, etc. – thus freeing up resources for commercial work in the branches.
  • Error reduction. Manual processes that take time and are subject to human error are eliminated.
  • Increased security. It reduced fraud and improved transaction security. I provided information traceability throughout the process.


Product: Cloud Check

Customer: Produbanco

Country: Ecuador

Industry: Finance

About Produbanco: Produbanco (PDB) is the head for Grupo Financiero Producción (GFP), it keeps a long history in Ecuadorian banking. Produbanco is the fourth Company in the Group’s system measured by their size of assets.

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