Safe and instant check deposit was never so easy.

Addalia presents Cheq’DD, a remote deposit capture solution (RDC) with which customers from financial institutions can deposit checks from their homes with total security, usability and guaranteed delivery.

Cheq’DD allows remote deposit capture from multiple devices: smartphones, tablets, scanners, ATM, etc. It also provides an integral management of all the remote deposits from customers and integrates with check processing platforms for pre-clearing treatment, guaranteeing transaction security, data quality and full traceability of deposits.


  1. Customers scan their checks with the camera of their smartphone or other tablet devices, scanner, etc. through Cheq’DD. It then verifies that they have been made according to the usage profile assigned to the customer, as well as that the quality of the received images comply with legal regulations and standards.
  2. Optionally, staff from the Financial Institution can validate the deposits of certain assumptions as well as to reject those that present some incidence.
  3. Valid deposits are sent for clearing.
  4. The Financial Institution can monitor in real time the deposits made by its Customers, as well as the incidents detected.

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  • Capture and processing technology proven in remote and massive financial environments.
  • Exchange of information through the use of secure server, unique login user, signed images or confirmation SMS.
  • Ensured scalability adapted to the demand of the service.


  • Multichannel: A common technological platform that integrates all commercial channels (Individuals, Corporate Customers, Small Businesses, Retailers, Branches and ATMs).
  • Multi-device: In a single Cheq’DD network, they can coexist with homogeneous or personalized business rules, standard scanners, check scanners, mobiles, tablets, and ATMs.
  • Desktop and app mobile version available.


  • Mobile Transactions: Technology can be integrated in any app or mobile solution.
  • Increased use of online resources. Integration with the bank’s online banking platform.
  • Compatible with check processing platforms used by major financial institutions for the capture and processing of their payment documents.
  • Web technologies allow easy integration with third parties, and facilitate the fast deployment and distribution of new functionalities.
  • Fast implementation and deployment: Customized pilot ready in 1 month.


Deposits your checks without having to go to the offices or branches. The solution, intuitive and easy to use, allows in three easy steps to scan a check or search for your last deposit. In real time, the user can deposit their checks when and wherever they want.
Receive money earlier.
Reduce the risk of loss, theft, etc.

Manage your deposits and track them via web / app:

  • The solution allows the user to have multiple accounts and select in each case where he wants to deposit their checks.
  • The user always has the proof of each operation and can review at any time in the status of the deposited checks.


Cheq’DD allows the development of new strategies for customer loyalty and action on new markets, by unifying into a single channel all customer’s checks received from Individuals, Corporations, SMEs, Branches, Retailers and ATMs.


  • Value added service for the entity’s customers.
  • Strengthens commercial aspects and opens new channels of contact with customers.
  • Extends deposit windows and increases deposit activity.
  • Improves the user experience and increases the level of customer acquisition and loyalty.
  • Provides new revenue streams for the entity.


  • Improves the security of transactions thanks to the traceability of information throughout the process and the guaranteed document delivery.
  • Reduces fraud, with increased automatic and manual controls over operations and users.
  • It enables the application of risk management criteria according to customer profile, amount of operation, type of customer, etc.
  • Reduces risk by having less time unprocessed paper checks.
  • Possibility of online security check: discard of false signatures, verification with duplicated or fraud databases, etc.


  • Agility in transactions between the entity and its customers.
  • Reduces deposit processing time and frees resources for sales tasks in branches.
  • Reduces delivery time. Checks are operated on the day.
  • Expansion of deposit time slots and increase of deposit activity.
  • Easy and fast access to your documents.


  • Reduces the costs and processing times as well as the costs derived from paper documents pouch (Reduction in the number of shipments of paper checks).
  • Reduction of TCO (in infrastructure and training). It increases the automatic controls in the capture of checks deposited by customers.
  • The Entity can manage the deposits of its clients via web.


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