Intelligent process automation solution for files

IDDILIGENCE Factory is an intelligent process automation solution for files.

Companies have to process information and documents on a daily basis in order to complete their operations and manage the relationship with their customers. This information is the basis for their decisions, as well as the support to comply with the regulations to which they are subject.

IDDILIGENCE Factory is a solution to automate the processing of this information and turn it into complete and quality records, in an efficient and secure way.

Its workflow engine allows to automate the tasks of all actors involved in the process, in accordance with configurable workflows, as well as to detect and manage incidents arising in the process.

IDDILIGENCE Factory controls the complete life cycle of any record, as it integrates both the physical and electronic input information channels, and the processing and document management of the whole file, in a front-to-end solution.


Web solution with specific tools for:

  • Website document management
  • Workflow management
  • Storage management
  • Security management
  • Control panel
  • Monitoring and control
  • Integration tools

It can be integrated with other solutions of Addalia as well as third part solutions.

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Improved control of operations

  • In allows to send the documentation from the points of origen. Anticipation.
  • It gathers and integrates business information dispersed among different systems.
  • It standardizes and automates the process with its workflow system.
  • Control of SLAs of each process.

Reduced costs, time and errors

  • It simplifies/reduces the required documentation for the product request.
  • Its automation reduces the costs and processing errors.
  • It allows to convert fixed costs into variable costs for each document or file.
  • Decreased process time. Allows almost immediate concessions, depending on the process.

Improves information quality and facilitates compliance

  • It creates an electronic record of the operation, with a unique and reusable file.
  • It contributes to data standardization (reliable information).
  • It allows operators and trusted third parties to complete the validation tasks required for
    regulatory compliance.


IDDILIGENCE Factory allows to have your own digital process factory to complete the following operations in an automatic, digital and secure way:

  • User onboarding
  • Contracting of products and services
  • Customer service
  • Processing of incidents and accidents
  • Regulatory compliance (SEPBLAC, PBC/FT, KYC)
  • Data quality
  • Management of HR records



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