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Validation of data, documents and identity for your digital customers.

More and more digital operations, such as financing, client acquisitions or administrative processes, need to check identity, documentation and data associated to an operation, to comply with legal requirements as well as to satisfy risk management guidelines and the requirements of the operation. This takes time, costs money and uses resources, with the added risk of losing the operation the longer it takes to confirm.


  • RPA for online validation for data, documents and identities
  • Web technology (API REST) that can be integrated on 3rd party and corporate solutions
  • Imaging technology with machine learning, OCR, biometrics, digital signature and time stamp (standard, advanced or LTV/Long Term Validity).
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  • Automatic recognition for document types
  • Optical character and elements recognition for automatic extraction of document information
  • Image technology for:

imaging technologies IDDILIGENCE

  • Biometrics
  • Timestamping and signature.



Pre-configured documents

  • Identification: DNI (ID Card) for Spain and other nationalities, NIE (Foreign ID No.), Passport, EU Citizen Registration Certificate and videos or photos of the person carrying out the operation (for biometric authentication by facial recognition).
  • Proof of Income: Income tax declaration (Spain, Basque country and Navarre), payrolls, civil servant payrolls, VAT, pensions and revaluations.
  • Direct Debiting: Bank statement.
  • Proof of Address: Utility bills (electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc.)
  • Vehicles: Driving licence.


Application areas


IDDILIGENCE Validate facilitates Compliance and conformity of data with legal requirements.It works in compliance with the risk management guidelines of each organisation. It avoids human errors, optimizing time and resources and minimising the risk of losing operations or approving operations that do not meet requirements and regulations.

Offering exhaustive traceability, IDDILIGENCE Validate provides all the operations carried out in the valuation process: Data submitted, data analysed, confidence obtained in each step, date and time of each validation micro-operation. Thus, it facilitates not only compliance with regulations, but also legally valid proof for inspections and quality controls.



IDDILIGENCE Validate facilitates non-presential identification via telephone, electronic or telematic means in compliance with the specifications published by SEPBLAC for preventing money laundering and financing terrorism (PBC/FT), set out in the Regulation of Law 10/2010, of 28 April.

Onboarding Clients

With IDDILIGENCE Validate, it is no longer necessary to sacrifice usability or response time to carry out a quality transaction. The speed and reliability it provides makes client onboarding processes safe, reliable and fast. Facilitating interaction and enabling efficient purchasing processes.


IDDILIGENCE Validate will enable you to go beyond validation of your client’s identity to make the best use of documents submitted, in order to know them better, automatically extracting or verifying the information they contain, for your company’s information systems.

Data quality

IDDILIGENCE audits the data and documents submitted, to check if they have missing, duplicated or erroneous information. It verifies if the required documents are available, checking if they are still valid and that their contents correspond to stored information. Providing information that ensures the validity of the data or any possible reasons for non-compliance.


Security and Reliability

IDDILIGENCE Validate provides you with security and reliability that the data is correct. It provides complete traceability in transactions and generates valuable information for risk management divisions. It automatically and instantly verifies over 20 parameters, rejecting false or incomplete documents.


IDDILIGENCE Validate works on any device (PC or mobile). When images and data are received, in a matter of seconds, IDDILIGENCE Validate prepares the images, identifies and validates them, admitting large volumes of simultaneous transactions in the same millisecond, without loss of performance.


IDDILIGENCE Validate uses a technology based on web standards, so it can be integrated on any platform. It enables agile development for many devices and operating systems, either deployed on the premises or in the cloud. It can be integrated into web processes, apps or desktop applications, for a professional and secure approach.


In addition to the wide variety of documents and validations supported, IDDILIGENCE Validate technology is modular and flexible. It admits new functions, validations and document types without development, you only need to modify the configuration or include new plugins.


IDDILIGENCE Validate accelerates transactions as well as cash flow and increases the quality and quantity of operations. It improves conversions by reducing processing time and simplifying interaction with users.

Supported files:


With CCITT GIV and BMP compression
PDF files with one or several pages, containing images or electronically generated with information included as text embedded in the file.
Video files:

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Our experts will be happy to answer your questions and inform you how to validate identities, data and documents, in seconds. Call us on +34 91 033 93 29 or fill out this form and we will contact you.




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