At Addalia, we believe that our solutions must lead the synergies between technology and our clients’ business needs for suitable digital transformation.

In order to satisfy our clients’ technical, business, and regulatory demands, we develop our own technology, carry out integrations, and modify third-party technology in the following technical environments:


Addalia sells, supports, and develops new solutions based on Atril technology through a technical and commercial agreement.

This technology provides Addalia with powerful baseline technology to expand the scope of our solutions in mobility and digital environments, with full technical guarantees for our clients. Atril is technology that incorporates imaging technology, optical recognition, and document production processes with technical solvency backed by more than 25-years’ worth of successful installations in Europe, USA, and Latin America, with wide implementation in financial environments (digital process factories) and payment methods (cheque processing).





Our solutions allow automatic validation mechanisms to be incorporated through robotised process automation software (RPA), as well as processes that require the collaboration of hardware devices, automated software services, and individuals, which comprise a more complex workflow.

So, in addition to task automation software service, we offer production workflow servers where workflows are configured and monitored, along with the resources used, queue status, and production.


At Addalia, we are developing various projects to incorporate smart contract and blockchain technology into our document, identity, and data validation solutions. This lets us build alternative models and disruptive solutions that allow users and companies to share information in a safe and transparent way, while remaining confidential and legally valid without the need for intermediaries.

We currently develop technology projects and solutions on Ethereum and Quorum, and are members of Alastria, Spain’s first multi-sector consortium for the establishment of semi-public licensed backchain infrastructure.

We think blockchain is the future of digital data. So, we’ve launched our spinoff FINWEG to develop blockchain solutions for electronic means of payment.


Our clients’ users demand mobility. So, some of our applications’ front ends are developed as easily-embeddable web services or mobile apps. We want to facilitate the start of the transaction, regardless of where or how it occurred, as we have done with the Cheq’dd mobile app for remote cheque deposit, or the Iddiligence web service (REST) for identity, document, and data validation.


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