Telefónica will market Cloud Check for Remote Check Deposit (RDC)

Cloud Check allows customers of financial institutions to remotely and securely capture their paper checks from scanners, tablets or smartphones and to send them to pre-clearing processing.

Telefónica Global Solutions and Addalia have signed a collaboration agreement whereby Telefónica Global Solutions will market, within a cloud model, the Cloud Check solution, an innovative mobile banking service that allows customers of financial institutions to autonomously manage the Deposit checks from scanners, and in its app version also from tablets or smartphones.

With this worldwide agreement, Telefónica Global Solutions, in addition to marketing the solution, will provide customers with hosting, installation and maintenance of the infrastructure services as well as it will provide devices required to enjoy the remote check deposit service With the Cloud Check solution.

  1. The take a photo of the front and back of the check and enters the amount to be deposited.
  2. Data and images are then sent to the bank for processing and electronic clearing.
  3. The complexity of the process is managed by the solution, allowing the financial institution a rigorous control of the key aspects of any financial transaction.

Cloud Check brings significant benefits to customers who save time and money by minimizing commuting to the bank and by reviewing their deposited checks for themselves. Financial institutions, on the other hand, reduce the costs of processing checks and have a complete traceability of information throughout the process.

The solution has surpassed rigorous security controls for both the clients and the entities which guarantees the total reliability of the process. The service offered is approved according to ISO 27001 for Information Security Management.

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