Blockchain applied to the transformation of business processes


Asset tokenization

Tokenization of rights

Conditional digital payments  

Social Media Economy

At ADDALIA we work with blockchain technology for its application in business processes where tokenization or traceability in decentralized environments are key elements.

With blockchain technology, a digital representation of assets and rights can be made, with the tokenization and creation of new electronic instruments for:

  • Manage property and rights.
  • Automate streaming.
  • Automate execution associated rights.
  • Make the process transparent in environments with multiple participants.

Process traceability

Information backed by blockchain to ensure the authenticity, immutability and protection of the processes.


  • Confidence and security against cyber attacks and impersonation.
  • Collaborative framework to share information between entities with application of common rules.
  • Eliminate errors and potential fraud for information that needs to be reconciled or exchanged.
  • Simplifies administrative tasks of validation and verification of information.
  • Eliminates risks of information manipulation by third parties, increasing its guarantee and reliability.

Use cases

Management of legal procedures

Safety management in industry, transport and logistics

Tokenization of assets and rights

Digital representation of assets for:

  • Manage property and rights
  • Automate streaming
  • Automate execution of associated rights.
  • Make the process transparent in environments with multiple participants.


  • Transparency and immutability: reduces risk and eliminates validation operations.
  • It facilitates the audit of assets and processes.
  • Improves customer knowledge and scoring.
  • New trading models: proactively facilitate liquidity to tokenized commitments.
  • Possibility of fragmenting an Asset increasing liquidity and financing alternatives.
  • Possibility of grouping assets in portfolios by different criteria.
  • Direct integration with tokenized digital money schemes and CBDCs.
  • Direct integration with Decentralized Digital Identity schemes.

Use cases

Payment Agreements

PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements)

Shares in renewable energy production plants

Participation in SDG projects

Conditional Digital Payments

Social Media Economy

Digital representation of virtually any asset, digital or physical for value-based business models and processes


NFTs are transforming the economic models of many businesses and creating new opportunities and business models.

  • They accelerate the adoption of the digital economy.
  • NFTs are the means to create the internet of value.
  • It is a high growth industry.

Use cases


Community creation

Social Coins to reward loyalty

New digital products and new marketing models

Certification of products and experiences (Memorabilia)

Marketplace for digital products

Recommended Solution

GoodOK Oficina Virtual

Blockchain applied to the transformation of business processes



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