Who we are

We develop technology to bring people closer and increase business opportunities

Business experience between people

We believe that technology facilitates and humanizes digital transformation. We speed up the conversion of decisions into transactions, quickly and safely for all parties. And all this without the need for couriers, intermediaries or back office processes that lengthen the operation.

Business experience between people
Digital Transaction Management solutions

Our Digital Transaction Management solutions enable paperless processes in transactions involving people, documents and data.

Simple and user-friendly and safe and efficient solutions for organizations that will be able to validate data, identities and documents in a secure and efficient way, in standard, cloud or SaaS mode.

Our history

Founded in 2016, our team is made up of professionals with dozens of experience in software solutions for critical business processes. Our solutions, implemented in clients in 10 countries in Europe and America, process operations in the Financial, Regtech, Energy, Real Estate or Education sectors.

Since our beginnings, it has been processed with our technology:





Total transactions

Monthly transactions

Stored transactions

Know you, learn from you, innovate with you

Pyme Innovadora

At ADDALIA we have a collaborative and innovative mindset.

We understand innovation as a way to go with our clients and partners to make digital transformation a real, effective and satisfactory experience.

Within our activity in the field of Research, development and technological Innovation (R + D + i) we have been accredited with the Innovative SME seal.

ADDALIA technology makes it easier for users to carry out, independently and on different devices (smartphone, tablet, pc …), relevant processes, such as managing a check or validating their digital identity and providing documents to open an account, request a credit or arrange insurance.

In our constant commitment to innovation, we are members of the following associations and consortia:


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