Intelligent DEHú electronic notifications management.

One single screen to download and manage all notifications sent to your customers from more than 9,700 national, regional and local public bodies publishing through DEHú.


Manage signatures and electronic certificates from your customers

In seconds, advanced electronic signature for documents, with digital certificate, improving cibersecurity and legal compliance.

Intelligent notifications and signatures management with cybersecurity, efficiency and ease of use

Centralized and secure certificates, operations completely traced and holder’s permission to use. No software installation required. Cloud and multi-device service.

GoodOK Notifica

  • Collect DEHú notifications, schedule alerts, assign responsible person for each notification. All your management with the Public Administrations on a single screen. In seconds.
  • Management of notifications as a Large Recipient in a secure cloud environment, without developments or installations.

GoodOK Firmas

  • Locate and manage your clients’ electronic certificates, without storing them on your PC.
  • Sign online with full technological security and legal effectiveness.
  • Request the signature of your users or customers and access online, in seconds, the signed documents.

Digital Transaction Management (DTM)

Trusted digital transactions with your customers

DTM solutions to operate online with your customers in processes involving people, documents and data.
In the online experience of customers and users, companies perform digital transactions where they need to:

Who is my customer?
Which data do I need from him?
What customer experience do I want for him?

What relationship does he want?What information,
approvals and evidences are needed?

I know who it is.
I’ve got his information.
We have a trustworthy relationship.



Know your customer

Validate the identity of your clients, know the nature of their business, their profile and needs.






Prove who he is and what relationship you want to establish

Get and validate the information necessary to offer a proposal adjusted to their needs, and the consents required to formalize the relationship.




.Trust that we have established the relationship that we both want

Have all the evidence with full legal value in accordance with the different regulations (eIDAS, SEPBLAC, KYC, MIFID II, RGPD, etc.)


Solutions for the digital customer journey

We offer solutions for agile, proffesional, easy and secure digital transactions with your customers in the key stages of the customer online experience:

Who is my customer?
Which data do I need from him?
What customer experience do I want for him?

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Digital onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Safe, fast and reliable validation of identities, documents and data in your digital onboarding processes, ensuring the non-repudiation of the operation

Virtual office

Validar la identidad, documentación y datos asociados en procesos de onboarding digital de clientes de forma segura, rápida y fiable, que asegure el no repudio de la operación

Virtual office


Automate sales tasks in digital contracting.  Receive requirements, manage conversations, generate contracts, manage its workflow, store evidences and signatures and even make the first payment through a payments platform.

Compliance & Data

Complete, truthful and relevant information for your operations. Full knowdeldge of your customer and compliance in regulations such as KYC, AML/ FT (solution audited for SEPBLAC compliance),  eIDAS, PSD2, MIFID II and GDPR.

Compliance & Data


Process management with real time statistics and dashboards. Integration with other transactional platforms for process completion: payments, blockchain, etc.

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I know who it is.
I’ve got the information I need.
We have a trustworthy relationship.

Ya sé quien es.
Tengo su información.
Tenemos una relación confiable

Other processes that our clients also carry out with our solutions:

  • Check processing and payment methods
  • Historical digitization
  • Accounts opening
  • Granting of credits
  • Hiring conversation storage

    You can have our solutions for digital transactions (DTM) in mode:


    On-premise software and custom solutions




    Standard Cloud / Saas service







    Transactions made

    Monthly transactions

    Stored transactions

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