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Automate the activities of capture and review
of identities and digital files
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Automate data, documents and identities and create complete and quality digital files.

Manages in an automated, efficient and safe way, operations of:

  • User onboarding
  • Contracting of products and services
  • Customer Support
  • Processing of incidents and claims
  • Regulatory compliance (PSD2, SEPBLAC, PBC / FT, KYC)
  • Data quality
  • HR file management


  • Processes and records management digital factory designed for high production.
  • It incorporates production workflow, repository, monitoring and management tools.
  • Complete traceability of all operations at the document, operator, file and process level. de todas las operaciones a nivel de documento, operador, expediente y proceso.


  • Web document management
  • Workflow management
  • Storage management
  • Security management
  • Control panel
  • Monitoring and control
  • Integration tools with IDDILIGENCE Onboarding and third party platforms.


Improve control of operations

  • It supports the sending of documentation from the points of origin. Anticipation.
  • Gather and integrate business information dispersed between different systems.
  • Normalize and automate the process with its workflow system.
  • Control of SLAs of each process.
Improves the quality of information and facilitates compliance
Improve control of operations

Improves the quality of information and facilitates compliance

  • Create an electronic record of the operation, with a single and reusable file.
  • Contributes to the standardization of data (reliable information).
  • It allows operators and trusted third parties to complete the necessary validation tasks for regulatory compliance.

Reduce costs, times and errors

  • Simplify / reduce the documentation required for the request of products.
  • Its automation reduces processing costs and errors.
  • It allows converting fixed costs into variables for each document or file.
  • Decrease in process time. It allows practically immediate concessions depending on the process.
Reduce costs, times and errors

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