Facilitates remote identification through digital channels.

Data, document and identity validation technology for your digital clients.


IDDILIGENCE Onboarding verifies the identity, documentation and associated data of your clients, in digital operations

Capture and validate documents of various types:



Identity (DNI, passport and other identity documents)

Proof of income or address

Proof of income or address (payroll, receipts, direct debits …)

Vehicle documentation

Vehicle documentation

With facial recognition by video and image of the holder of the operation.



  • RPA for online validation of data, documents and identities
  • Web technology (REST API) integrable with third parties and corporate solutions
  • It incorporates imaging technology for machine learning, OCR, biometrics, digital signature and time stamp (standard, advanced or long-lived).


  • Automatic recognition of document types. Incorporation of new types of document by configuration.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and elements.
  • Imaging technology for:
    • Facial biometry
    • Signature and time stamp (standard, advanced or long-lived)
    • Integration tools with other IDDILIGENCE modules and third-party platforms.

Document types


DNI of Spain and other nationalities, NIE, Passport, Certificate of Registration of Citizen of the Union and videos or images of the owner of the operation (for biometric authentication by facial recognition).

Proof of Income

Income declaration (Spain, Basque Country and Navarra), payroll, civil servants’ payroll, VAT, pensions and revaluations.

Bank direct debits

Bank statement.

Proof of address

Service receipts (electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc.)


Circulation permit.

Document types


It works from any device (PC and mobile devices). Identify images, validate them, supporting large volumes of concurrent transactions in the same millisecond without loss of performance.


Developed with a technology based on web standards that allows its integration into any platform.

Integrable in web processes, apps or desktop applications for a professional and secure approach.


It provides complete traceability in transactions and generates valuable information for the risk management divisions.

Automatically and instantly verify more than 20 parameters and reject false or incomplete documents.


It supports new functionalities, validations and document types without development, only with changes in its configuration or the inclusion of new plugins.

Cost effectiveness

Improve conversions by reducing processing time and simplifying user interaction.

Advantage IDDILIGENCE Onboarding

Application areas

Customer onboarding

Customer onboarding



Data Quality

Data quality





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