Instantly and securely deposit checks has never been easier.

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CHEQ´DD unifies in a single channel all the ways to collect customer checks, from all its input channels:

  • Individuals
  • Corporate
  • SMEs
  • Branch offices
  • Shops and ATMs

CHEQ’DD allows the remote capture of checks from multiple devices: smartphones, tablets, scanners, ATMs, etc. and performs comprehensive management of all remote deposits from its customers. It integrates with check processing platforms for their treatment prior to clearing, guaranteeing the security of the transaction, the quality of the data and the complete traceability of the deposits.




  • Proven capture and processing technology in remote and massive financial environments.
  • Information exchange through the use of a secure server, unique user login, signature on images or confirmation SMS.
  • Ensured scalability adapted to the demand of the service.
Integral management

Integral management

  • Multichannel: A common technological platform that integrates all commercial channels (Individuals, Corporate Clients, Small Businesses, Retailers, Branches and ATMs)
  • Multi-device: In the same CHEQ’DD network, standard scanners, check scanners, mobiles, tablets, and ATMs can coexist with homogeneous or personalized business rules.
  • Available desktop version and mobile app.
Integration and deployment

Integration and deployment

  • Mobile transactions: Technology that can be integrated into any mobile app or solution.
  • Integrable with the entity’s online banking platform.
  • Quick implementation and deployment: Custom pilot available in 1 month.

How does it work

  • Customers digitize checks with their smartphone or other tablet devices, scanner, etc. through CHEQ’DD that verifies that they have been made in accordance with the use profile assigned to the customer, as well as that the quality of the images received meet the normative.
  • Optionally, personnel from the Financial Institution can validate the deposits of certain assumptions as well as reject those that present an anomaly.
  • Validated deposits are submitted for compensation.
  • The Financial Institution can monitor in real time the deposits made by its clients, as well as the incidents detected.
  • Validated deposits are submitted for compensation.
How does it work

Benefits for the financial institution

  • Improve the user experience and increase the level of customer acquisition and loyalty.
  • Greater security and reduction of fraud and operational risk.
  • Reduces deposit processing time and frees up resources for branch business tasks.
  • Optimization and control. The entity can manage the deposits of its clients via the web.
Benefits for the financial institution
Customer benefits

Customer benefits

  • Make the deposits of your checks without having to go to the offices or branches. The intuitive and easy-to-use solution allows you to digitize a check or search for your last deposit in just three steps. In real time, the user can deposit their checks whenever and wherever they want.
  • Receive before the money in account.
  • Reduce the risk of loss, theft, etc.
  • Manage your deposits and their monitoring via web / app:
    • The solution allows the user to have several accounts and select in each case where they want to make the deposit.
    • The user always has the proof of each operation and can check at any time the status of the deposits made.

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