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Regulatory compliance in KYC, PBC / FT (audited solutions for SEPBLAC procedures), eIDAS, PSD2, MIFID II and RGPD.

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Technology audited by SEPBLAC

Fraud reduction

Normative compliance

Data quality

Persistent storage software solutions over time and consultation of data and evidence of your transactions with clients

National and International regulations for the control of fraud, prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing recommend or oblige companies to adopt efficient measures to guarantee:

  • Data quality

  • Compliance


Almacenamiento a largo plazo de evidencias con tus clientes

Long-term storage of evidence with your clients

Consultas y búsquedas para acceder a la información en segundos

Queries and searches to access information in seconds

Incorporación de cualquier tipo de fichero

Incorporation of any type of file (audio, video, image, document)


Calidad de datos

Data quality

Our technology audits the data and documents available to check if there is any pending, duplicate or erroneous information.

Check if the required documents are available, check that they are still valid and that their content corresponds to the stored information.

Provides information that ensures the validity of the data or the possible reasons for non-compliance.


Our solutions facilitate Compliance and the adaptation of data to legal regulations. It acts in accordance with the risk management guidelines of each organization.

They facilitate remote identification through telephone, electronic or telematic means, it has been audited in accordance with the specifications published by the SEPBLAC aimed at the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing (PBC / FT) included in the Regulations of the Law 10/2010, of April 28.

By having exhaustive traceability, it provides all the operations carried out in the validation process:

  • Data provided
  • Analyzed data
  • Confidence Gained at Every Step
  • Date and time of each validation micro-operation.

Thus, it facilitates not only regulatory compliance but also tests, with legal support, for inspections and quality controls.


Recommended solution

IDDILIGENCE Datos & Compliance

Data & Compliance

Mass storage and object query software (documents, voice, video)



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