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and electronic certificates from your customers

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Do you need to locate and manage your customers’ electronic certificates, without storing them on your PC?

Do you want your customers to sign their documents online with full legal and technological security?

Access online, in seconds, to the documents signed by your customers

With GoodOK Firmas, a solution for consulting and professional offices, you can request and manage electronic signature from your customers’, based on digital certificate. In seconds, from your cell phone, and with cibersecurity and legal compliance.

With GoodOK Firmas you will be able to:

  • Store your customers’ certificates in a secure cloud, preventing identity theft risks.
  • Request signatures to your customers and manage their status, with advanced signature and complete traceability of operations.
  • Your customers will sign documents with their certificates from cell phones, without apps or installations.
  • Manage the status, renewal and revocation of your clients’ certificates.

In seconds, from any device, without installations. Advanced electronic signature based on the certificates in a secure cloud  repository.

Online, mobile, simple and secure

How it works

Alta de clientes

Customer registration

Your office registers its clients and electronic certificates on the platform with their contact information.

If the customer does not have a certificate, you can act as Registration Authority and generate the necessary certificate through the platform.


Firma de documentos

Signature of documents

  1. Your office uploads the document to be signed by the customer.
  2. The system notifies the customer.
  3. The customer enters the link and can sign or reject the document.
Gestión de operaciones

Operations management

Your office has a dashboard where you will see the signature requests sent, signed and rejected operations, along with their documents, signatures and comments.

From this dashboard you will be able to review all certificates and documents, their status and locate them in seconds.

Documents that can be signed with GoodOK Firmas

With GoodOK Firmas it is possible to electronically sign documents to answer notifications from agencies such as:

  • Tax Agency
  • Social Security
  • Other Public Administrations.

In addition to other documents such as:

  • Authorization documents for procedures.
  • Minutes and Certificates of Annual Accounts.
  • Mercantile Contracts.
  • Contracts and documentation for the labor area.
Documentos que se pueden firmar con GoodOK Firmas

Clear responsibilities

El cliente firma

Your customer signs

He is responsible for reviewing and signing the documents presented from your office.

Thus, he will know the information to be presented and will give his conformity with a digital signature that proves his identity and approval with full legal compliance.

El despacho tramita

Your office processes

Your office prepares the documentation to be approved by the customer. Once the documents are signed, your office carries out the processing .

La solución custodia

The solution safeguards

It safeguards online your documents and digital certificates. It improves communications and signatures between your office and your customers so they become agile, secure and compliant.

Offer new digital services to your customers

In addition to the digital transformation provided by the digital signature, you will be able to offer them additional services such as:

Issue certificates for individuals and legal entities.

By becoming a Registration Entity you will be able to validate the identity of your customers in order to issue the advanced electronic signature certificates.

Revocate and renew certificates

The system allows the renewal and revocation of your customers’ certificates.

Online document storage and custody.

A secure cloud repository where you cand store and find all documents shared with your customers. No more searching for files in emails or directories. The system will locate them for you.

Control of your business.

Advanced dashboard to know in seconds the status of documents sent to customers.

Frequent questions

What is the legal validity of this signature?

The platform uses advanced electronic signature with qualified certificates by qualified trust service providers registered in the electronic headquarters of the Government of Spain.


Where are my clients’ certificates?

The digital certificates for the customers’ signature are hosted in the secure servers of the qualified signature provider. Neither the client, nor the firm, nor GoodOK have the certificate as a security measure.

When the client approves a document, GoodOK requests the certificate for the signature from the qualified provider at the same time.

The connection is secure. The process is done immediately and the certificate is not copied or stored anywhere else.


Where are my clients’ documents?

GoodOK takes care of the safekeeping of the documents in a secure online repository to which only you have access.

You will be able to access them in seconds and check their status, signatures and comments.

Your documents secure and online without the need to store files in your directories or email clients.


Delimitación de la responsabilidad

Delimitation of responsibility

Transparency in the office-client relationship:

  • The customer, with his signature, takes responsibility for the documents and procedures provided.
  • The office is responsible for the efficient handling of the operations and procedures.
    Delimitación de la responsabilidad

    Technological security

    The storage and custody of digital certificates is outsourced in the cloud to a trusted third party with the highest existing regulatory standards such as the eIDAS Regulation of the European Union.
    Delimitación de la responsabilidad

    Legal compliance

    By recording the evidence approved by customers, in full compliance with GDPR regulations.

    Delimitación de la responsabilidad


    In communications with your customers by communicating with them at any time, and from multiple devices.

    Add extra functionalities to the sales process with your customers

    Complete your online contracting processes with additional modules offered by the GoodOK suite.

    GoodOK Onboarding
    GoodOk Onboarding


    Service to know and validate your customers with
    trust (KYC)
    Get to know your customers better, validate their data, comply with regulations, save evidence with legal validity for your business. Optional specific functionality for reporting entities SEPBLAC.

    GoodOK Oficina Virtual


    Intelligent Notifications Management for DEHú (Unified notification service from Spanish Public Administration)

    Monitor, collect and manage all your customers’ notifications on a single screen

    GoodOk Contratación online
    GoodOK Online Hiring
    GoodOK Online Hiring

    Online Contracts

    Service to chat and automate hiring with your clients.
    Automate the commercial tasks of online contracting with your clients. Receive requirements, manage conversations, generate contracts, support evidence and signatures and even make the first payment through the payment gateway.

    Virtual Office

    Service to validate other documents of your onboarding and online contracting processes
    In seconds, it captures, detects manipulations, extracts and validates the information of other types of documents necessary in your processes with clients such as receipts, payroll, proof of address, etc.

    GoodOK Virtual Office


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