Digital customer onboarding

Acquire more customers in your digital channels,
validate their data and identity with biometrics.
Comply with regulations and reduce fraud
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Data and identity validation

Biometric verification

Omnichannel capture

Fraud reduction

Digital signature and time stamp

Capture and validation of data, documents and identities

With our digital customer onboarding solutions it is no longer necessary to sacrifice usability or response times to have a quality transaction.

With the speed and reliability they provide, customer onboarding processes are safe, reliable and fast.

They facilitate interaction and enable an efficient procurement process.

Avoid human errors, optimize time and resources and minimize the risk of losing operations or accepting those that do not comply with the requirements and regulations.


Tecnología web

Web technology

REST API solution, integrable with third parties.

Tecnología documental

Document technology

Imaging, OCR, biometrics, digital signature and time stamp.



Evidence storage and consultation.


Adquiere más clientes

Acquire more customers

Omnichannel and multi-document

100% web technology that works from any device with a camera.

Supports multiple types of identification documents from around the world: DNI, passport, driver’s license …

Improve customer experience

Ability to interact at the right time, in a non-intrusive way, adding value to the user.

Real-time customer acquisition

Automated process for efficient, fast and reliable acquisition.



Fraud prevention

Check the validity of the documents and the confirmation that the customer is who they say they are.

Digital signature and time stamp

Increase legal and contractual validity.

Technology compliant with standards and regulations

Validaciones rápidas y seguras

Fast and secure validations

Disruptive technologies

Our solutions incorporate the most advanced technologies in OCR, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and biometrics that facilitate the capture and management of each type of data, as well as the type of operation.

Improve data quality

It allows internal validations and against third-party sources.

Reduction of validation time

The acquisition of the new customer is done in just a few minutes.


Cumplimiento normativo

Normative compliance

Compliant with regulations

Audited technology in accordance with SEPBLAC video-identification specifications and KYC, AML, FT, … regulations.

Recommended solutions

In standard cloud service / SaaS mode

On-premise software and custom solutions

GoodOK Onboarding


Extraction and validation of data and identities. (Service mode)





Solution for the extraction and validation of data and identities.



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