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Software solutions


Validate identities, data and documents with a standard Cloud / Saas servicear

We put the software and the cloud infrastructure and you contract the volume and complexity of operations that you need to process.

Standard cloud processes for:

  • Customer onboarding
  • Identity validation
  • Incorporation of documents (digital procedures)
  • Online hiring
  • Regulatory compliance
  • KYC and data exploitation

Agility in your processes and rapid implementation (3 weeks)


Validate identities, data and documents with your on-premise license or custom solution

Software so that you can implement in your company or customize it based on your needs.

Specific modules for:

  • Capture, processing and validation of data, documents and identities.
  • Automation of operations based on business rules.
  • Management of files and the life cycle of business documents.

Flexibility and power for the digital transformation of your processes


RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) solution for depositing payment documents

CHEQ’DD unifies in a single channel all the ways to collect customer checks, from all its input channels:

  • Allows remote capture of checks from multiple devices: smartphones, tablets, scanners, ATM, etc.
  • It carries out a comprehensive management of all its clients’ remote deposits.


Identities and signature

Identities and signature

  • Qualified digital signature and OTP signature (SMS)
  • Qualified time stamp
  • Facial biometry and life certificate
ECM and Documentary

ECM and Documentary

  • Imaging and OCR
  • Production workflow and CLM
  • Secure repository
  • Consultation and web processes


  • Chatbot
  • Integration with SMS platforms
  • Integration with voice recorders


  • Full trace of data, metadata and operations
  • Blockchain operations support
Management and integration

Management and integration

  • API’s
  • Storage, user and process configuration tools
  • Dashboard and statistics in real time

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