Blockchain applied to the transformation of business processes

Blockchain technology for its application in business processes where tokenization or traceability, in decentralized environments, are key elements


The information is replicated in a network of all equal nodes.



There is no access key repository that can be attacked. There is no central point of information that can be manipulated.



  • Transactions are stored in blocks that are sealed with an unalterable code. The blocks are linked (chain of blocks) to make it more difficult to alter the information.
  • The incorporation of the transactions is carried out with consensus mechanisms that ensure that they are authentic and prevent their manipulation.
  • The stored information cannot be modified or deleted by anyone.

Blockchain solutions for:

Process traceability

Information backed by blockchain to ensure the authenticity, immutability and protection of processes

Tokenization of assets and rights

Digital representation of assets for:

  • Manage property and rights.
  • Automate streaming.
  • Automate execution of associated rights.
  • Make the process transparent in environments with multiple participants.

Social Media Economy

Digital representation of virtually any asset, digital or physical for value-based business processes and models.


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