Online Contracts

Automates online contracting tasks with your customers
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Automatic generation of contracts

Conversation: Chatbot / Salesbot

Digital signature

Payment gateway

Software solutions to automate the commercial tasks derived from online contracting with your clients.

  • Automate the administrative procedures related to the online hiring of your clients.
  • Receive requirements, manage conversations, generate contracts, support evidence and signatures.
  • Automated and secure sales force for your online business processes.


1. Contact

With your clients through online channels (SMS, email, web, etc.). Chat through Salesbot (chatbot).

2. Capture

Collect the data and documents required for the operation.

3. Signature

Generate the contract automatically with the data collected, attach the evidence as annexes.

Tareas de la contratación online con tus clientes


Ahorra costes

Save costs

Your client, autonomously, will register for your product and / or service optimizing the productivity of your resources.

Evita la pérdida de documentos

Avoid loss of documents

Transforming physical documents into digital form minimizes document loss and human error.

Minimiza el riesgo de fraude

Minimize the risk of fraud

Our solutions validate data and identities, with the security tools that it includes avoid the possibility of fraud.

Acceso al producto servicio de manera inmediata

Access to the product service immediately

Your client can immediately purchase your products and / or services.

Recommended solution

In standard cloud service / SaaS mode

GoodOK Contratación online

Online Contracts

Efficient, digital, multichannel document capture and automation.



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