Case study

Financial sector

Automation of credit granting in consumer finance

Project summary


Financial consumption





Project objectives

Automate and improve the quality of customer credit data.

Implanted technology




Financial company for final consumers in the distribution chain needs to automate and improve the quality of credit data


The company requires a technological solution that facilitates the automatic validation of:

  • that all credit documents are present
  • that the documents present are correct
  • that the documents belong to the owner
  • that they have the correct data


With the implementation of IDDILIGENCE, the process has been automated, allowing the validation of documents that come from two input channels:

1. Directly from stores across the country.

The files, which contain the documentation provided by the customers, are digitized at the store and said images are sent to the Department of the Financial Entity designated for this purpose, where both the integrity of the documentation and the veracity of the data are reviewed.

Once the documents are received, standard document processing operations (OCR, verification, recording, etc.) are carried out at the Financial Entity, as well as those specific to the process of processing financial products, based on a controlled process flow, until the granting or final denial of credit.

2. From the offices of the Financial Entity in the Netherlands, where the management of the files is carried out in case of contingency.


  • The complete process of collecting documentation, automatic validation, sending and confirming the credit has been reduced from 40 to 10 minutes.
  • The efficiency of the process has been increased with the verification and control of 100% of the mandatory documentation and 100% of the operations.
  • Elimination of the BackOffice for document processing.
  • Replacement of the physical bag with an electronic bag with guaranteed delivery.
  • The communication of the infeasibility of the credit is reduced from 40 to 2 minutes.
  • Rejections are reduced from 2% to 0%
  • Documentation available online for all the departments involved (risks, customer service, etc).

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